The Blackberry Is Dead RIM

Please don’t read my title and think I’m a Blackberry hater. The truth is my first smart phone was a Blackberry Pearl. I’ll always hold a special place for Blackberry in my techy heart.

This post is being written from a place of just not understanding their corporate leadership. To summarize for those who don’t know – RIM is a sinking ship that just promoted the guy who mops the poop deck to captain. Seriously. All investors knew a new CEO was soon to be announced and expected it to be an outsider who could bring fresh ideas to the table.

So…what should they have announced this week? I’m so glad you asked!
RIM should have announced that they are not developing any new hardware and becoming an awesome software development company. Why? Their OS is not a favorite of most developers; they’ve not had a home run device since my Blackberry Pearl; BUT their email, calendar & to-do tools are awesome (the BB Messenger was cool but texting became so cheap it didn’t matter).

If RIM would convert the BES (their only software magic ever) to be an app or User Account service for Android, iPhone and Windows – they’d clean house! Seriously. What major corporation wants the overhead and pain of issuing every employee a phone? Also, what employee that has been issued a corporate phone is happy with it? But if RIM could make software that a corporate IT department could manage enterprise information easily and cross-platform, it would be an instant success.

Also as a consumer, if I could link all my accounts through one portal and have them easily accessible through one login on any device, that’d be gold. (Hurry up though RIM, Google just announced they’re doing this with their new privacy policy!)

Anyway, that’s my rant. Not that I think anyone is going to see this, but should Blackberry ever take this strategy I just wanted to be able say that I called it. 🙂

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