Forget Custom Modules – Use the Report Grid from Query!

Do you want a custom report (with parameters) that specific users can access which leaves the results in Arena – not using Reporting Services?  (Doing this allows you to email, bulk update or do any other core Arena utility with the selected results.)  Or do you want to write data back to a custom table quickly and easily to then use it in a report or to drive content for your website?  Well, this is the long-long, secret series of posts just for you.

I’m going to dissect an Event Transaction Export tool I made for our Finance Team for this example.  This tool has four primary components which I will cover in separate posts.

  • An over-view page to see all exported transactions that has a form with filters for dates and event names.
  • A small module which inserts new rows to the custom table.
  • A pop-up window with input fields to update rows on the custom table.
  • Variations on everything above to use this tool for monthly bank reconciliation.

As a bonus, once I’ve finished up this series of posts, I’ll show how you can use these techniques to drive website content.

All posts related to this will use the category named Event Transaction Export Tool so they can be viewed together.  Let’s get started!

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