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Broken vs Optimized

While in a meeting today we got into a healthy spirited debate about whether a response card we use was “broken”.  I started to realize something – both sides of the conversation were making valid points.  Everyone agreed the options on the card aren’t worded exactly how we’d like.  Some said the card was broken because we don’t get enough response in a particular category.  Some said it was not broken because several hundred people a weekend return a card.  (Full disclosure – I am on the “not broken” side.)

After our time of discussion was completed it hit me.  Just because something is not optimized doesn’t mean it is broken.  I’m sure not optimized in all I do, but God doesn’t just throw me away and start over with someone else.  He tweaks, shapes, and changes me to what He needs as I grow.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a firm believer in cutting losses and removing unnecessary things from your __________ (life, work, hobby, you fill in the blank).  I just think we need to be slower to say whether something is broken and make sure we evaluate if it’s optimized first.

What do you think?

Report Grid from Query with Parameters

There are three components to executing a Report Grid from Query with Parameters on a page in Arena.

  • An Advanced HTML Text module which has a form with parameter input fields.
  • A SQL Stored Procedure which uses the parameters.
  • A Report Grid from Query module to display the results.

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Forget Custom Modules – Use the Report Grid from Query!

Do you want a custom report (with parameters) that specific users can access which leaves the results in Arena – not using Reporting Services?  (Doing this allows you to email, bulk update or do any other core Arena utility with the selected results.)  Or do you want to write data back to a custom table quickly and easily to then use it in a report or to drive content for your website?  Well, this is the long-long, secret series of posts just for you.

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ISC 2011 – Website Session

Click here to download the session’s PowerPoint and some templates I’ve built that will hopefully help get you started.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Arena-Website_Design.pptx – Some things to consider when you’re planning your template.
  • Arena Folder – Sub-Folders and Files to be placed in your Arena Folder if you’d like to use any of the Templates, CSS, etc.  Or you can dissect them to learn like I do.
  • OHCLocalTemplate-HTMLFrom3rdParty Folder – Gives a point of reference for where the Oak Hills Template and CSS files started. Continue reading


I have 7 nephews and nieces.  Usually when I get to spend time with them it’s all or none.  This weekend, however, my middle niece had a “Big Girl’s Night” with Leslie, which allowed us to spend some one-on-one time with Mary Beth.

This morning, MB really wanted to go swimming and, to let Leslie have some time to do yoga, I volunteered to take her swimming by myself.  Boy, did I learn a lot during that hour and a half in the pool.

I can do it myself.

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